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The Incredible Dish
The Incredible Dish
The Incredible Dish
The Incredible Dish
The Incredible Dish

The Incredible Dish

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The non-slip, no-mess pet bowl and mat

Incredible Dish is the super-safe, non-slip, no-mess feeding bowl for dogs and cats alike. The bowl connects firmly and safely to the mat with its clever locking system, while the special rubberized mat uses suction to hold it securely to most hard surfaces.

Incredible Dish stays where it is and so your pet can apply as much pressure as it likes to the bowl without having to chase it around the floor, allowing it to get every last tasty morsel of food. Plus, with Incredible Dish, you never need to worry about accidentally knocking over a bowl full of pet food that can cause a sloppy mess or, with dry food, roll across the floor and settle under furniture and kitchen units to become food for mice and other pests.

Just twist the bowl to lock in place

Incredible Dish uses a clever, but simple locking system that lets you connect your bowl securely to the suction mat. Just position the bowl over the central area and line up the locking plugs built into the mat then, with just a quarter turn, your bowl is fixed in a way that no amount of feeding will undo. To wash, just unlock the bowl and place it in the dishwasher.

Rubberized mat uses suction to grip surfaces

The suction created by the specially-made rubberized mat means that any hard flat surface, like tiles, wooden floors and lino, can be gripped securely. Thanks to the natural suction created by the rubber, there’s no need for any sticking or locking devices that can wear off or break. The suction created by Twisty Dish is enough to lift a small table and will last for the entire life of the mat.

Incredible Dish is ABS, and the bottom is non-slip silicone. free so it’s completely safe for your pets, and comes in three sizes so any breed of cat or dog can have its very own Dish!


  • 2-in-1 interlocking bowl and floor mat
  • Just twist the bowl to lock in place
  • Rubberised mat uses suction to grip surfaces
  • Bowl is kept in place and won’t slide about
  • No more mess, no more spills
  • Available in three sizes
  • Safe construction, no PVC or BPA
  • Bowl is Dishwasher safe. The mat is NOT dishwasher safe. 
  • Colors: Available in Pink, White, Blue


  • 1 x  Incredible Dish,1 x Self-adhesive Placemat

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