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Walking Angel
Walking Angel
Walking Angel
Walking Angel

Walking Angel

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Realign your feet, realign your life

      • Perfect for use in all your shoes
      • Can be used for both male and female
      • Designed by podiatrists by realigning the foot to the correct position and strengthening the heel and ankle
      • Relive discomfort and pressure on the foot, leg and spine to relieve pain in the ankle, knee, hip and lower back
      • Relief insoles are made of thermoplastic and rubber and are treated with silver to check the growth of odor-causing fungus and bacteria.
      • Added a unique gel pad to our Bio-Lock heel cup for advanced cushioning and shock absorption So you get cushioning where you need it and firmness where you need it!
      • There are 3 level of support arch: Low, Medium, High. 
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      • Dimension: As below: 

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